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: and then you had the awkward statement about libya by mitt romney and then just a few days later this 47% speech. i was thinking of that -- when you were talk about north carolina. i saw an interview of a formally undecided voter in north carolina who said that did it for me. >> cenk: i saw an interview with a guy who just turned republican in the last four years, and he said no i'm back. he said i can't have -- >> al gore: i just want to give this quote. my angalu great writer, fantastic woman, she said if somebody tells you who they are, believe them the first time. and i think that kind of settles in for me a little bit. and a lot of people reacted to that 47% comment that way. >> eliot: that video was so authentic. most of the time we look at him, and he doesn't sound like he is giving us what he really thinks. >> cenk: i don't agree. i think he was doing the same thing he always does -- >> john: yes, because he has become a moral leonard zelig. he believes in one thing. he is meant to be president. and that's why his flip flops all make sense. >> eliot: i have listen
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1

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